Criminal Law

Review of Fines and Sentences

If you have received a fine or another sentence, you have to decide within a short time frame if you want to appeal the decision. Otherwise, the fine will become definite.

You can contact me using the contact form and send me the relevant files. I will discuss the defense strategy with you, particularly, for substance abuse cases as well as speeding tickets.

In urgent cases, please call +41 79 105 80 83 and visit

Is your house being searched? Have you, or your relative or friend been arrested? Are you suspected of a crime? Marc Schmid will protect your rights as a defense lawyer.
When people or companies are caught up in the web of the investigating authorities, they need qualified advice and assistance from an experienced criminal lawyer at the earliest possible stage. In view of the massive state intervention in criminal proceedings, the defender performs an important protection and control function in the interests of his clients.

Whatever your legal needs are, Marc Schmid is there for you as quickly as possible and also in emergencies. He is available for a personal conversation. Put your defense in his hands if you want discreet representation and do not want to compromise in the criminal proceedings. Please contact his team to arrange a meeting.